WECONOMIZE הבית של הכלכלה השיתופית והמשתפת

We are WEconomize, the home of Sharing Economy in Israel. Since 2013, we are leading Israel’s sharing economy ecosystem, providing knowledge and insights into utilization of sharing in business, operations and education. We have developed a strong track record on strategically consulting leading businesses, municipalities, NGOs and governmental bodies.

We are truly a one-stop-shop for sharing economy. Our team members have extensive experience, in Israel and abroad, in lecturing, teaching, consulting, designing and executing sharing economy related projects, enabling organizations to use the sharing economy as an effective and practical tool to solve challenges. We go all the way from defining the challenges, researching and consulting, designing applications and envisioning the solutions that manifest in technological platforms and working processes.

It all began in 2013, when three Tel Aviv University doctoral students sat and talked about the effects of the 2011 Israeli social justice protests. The discussion soon reached practical tools that could help solve these major challenges. Although we originated from different disciplines, we all came to the same realization – the sharing economy can help create significant value for society, economy and the environment. WEconomize’s vision is to lead to a better world with the aid of the sharing economy.

Today, WEconomize is leading Israel’s sharing economy ecosystem, doing research, teaching, consulting and projects implementation. This is a fascinating field that touches on a wide range of areas of interest and research, from strategy, management, behavioral economics, sustainability, tourism, transportation, design and technology to urbanism, architecture, real estate, law, taxation, education and more. Our team members are lecturers, researchers and faculty members at leading institutions such as Tel Aviv University, the Interdisciplinary Center (Herzliya), the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College, David Yellin College, Bezalel and others.

We are here to help organizations see, feel, think and create change. May it be an inspiring presentation, a practical workshop or an effective strategic consulting. Join us in advancing a collaborative ecosystem, and we will help you rethink and share.

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